It's good to be back!

2016-04-25 12:11:55 by MyNameIsGeorgina

I told Skid not to press that button! When is that boy going to learn that free puppies always means “you’re about to get sucked into a whacky adventure with zany plot twists and tradgedy that would surely make an awesome story that we could indeed tell, but are far to lazy and jet lagged to bother to actually form into comprehendible sentences?”

Now, what year is it again? If my calculations are correct it should be April 25th 2016…wait a tick, we’re back! We’re back from the future! Or was it the past? Maybe it was an alternate dimension simply parallel to our own, where our universes crossed over or something. There was this wiled eyed crazy old man who had a dream of breeding pine trees, Kim Kardashian was president and Disney made a 7th Star Wars movie. The apocalypse could have been worse in retrospect. Well its good to be back in Orgasmotronic Universe A, where none of that ever happened! 

It’s a good thing every room in the old “S.S Orgasmotron” is wired for sound and recording. Oh, what would we do without her? You just don’t know how handy it is to have a time traveling, space faring air Zeppelin to protect you from the end of the world like The Slippery Little Seals and I do! While the world was burning in Universe B, we were safe and groovy abroad the ship finishing up our new record. The end times were actually pretty good for us, not sure about those other people tho, what with the flesh eating zombies, mutants, aliens AND the giant robots. Oh, the giant robots…you should have been there, good times. But, they’re over now and the age of instant gratification and internet porn continues.  Ya, Dig?

It’s good to be back. 

Love, Georgie



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